Quick Start

Youappz is a static website hosting platform, used by thousands of developers to host websites built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - including output from static site generators, and modern Single Page Apps (SPAs).

To have your website live and served from our global Content Delivery Network (CDN) in seconds:

This section will help you build a basic Youappz site from ground up. If you already have an existing project and would like to keep documentation inside the project, start from Step 3.

  • Step 1: Install the @youappz/cli from npm:

    If you have docker installed, you can create an alias that will run the docker image:

yarn global add @youappz/cli
export PATH="$PATH:$(yarn global bin)" 

yarn global add doesn't install binaries properly refer https://github.com/yarnpkg/yarn/issues/648

npm install @youappz/cli -g
touch ~/.appz.yml alias appz='docker run --rm -it --volume "$PWD:/app/src" --volume "$HOME/.appz.yml:/home/appz/.appz.yml" -e WWWUSER=$UID --name appz youappz/cli appz'
  • Step 2: Create an Youappz account:
appz signup
  • Step 3: Deploy your first website
mkdir youappz-test-website
cd youappz-test-website
echo "<html>First Youappz Website</html>" > index.html
appz create -n your-site-name
appz deploy

In less than 30 seconds your website will be deployed to an https URL on our global CDN.

Or use a Quick Start

You can also create a new site using a packaged quick start for Jekyll, Hugo, or plain HTML5 sites. Below are some examples you can try or browse the Youappz Quick Start gallery for something that catches your eye.

appz create --quick-start jekyll/agency
appz create --quick-start hugo/creative-portfolio
appz create --quick-start html5/sb-business-casual

Next Steps

  • Explore how to use plugins to create a custom 404 page, turn on basic auth, configure redirects, and much more. Learn more →
  • If you are using a CI service, find out how to configure your automated build to deploy to Youappz with each git push. Learn more →
  • Upgrade to the Pro plan for increased data transfer limits and a custom domain + matching SSL cert. Learn more →
Updated at Mon, Sep 12, 2022